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Growing up with a family who owned a pizzeria in Brooklyn, NY, Seb always had a passion for small businesses. From making pizza, serving customers, or making deliveries, there wasn't a facet of the business he didn't touch. Although the business was successful, it wasn't until he got to college and majored in accounting did he realize that his family didn’t have the proper accounting or tax support that would have taken the business to the next level. Not only did they do bookkeeping the old fashioned way – by hand, but they also went to their accountant only once a year – to prepare taxes. While functionally they had the support they needed, practically there was a better way of doing things that would have saved them both time and money. Upon graduation, Seb took it upon himself to streamline the bookkeeping function using Quickbooks, providing his family with monthly reporting on the business’ financial position that would help drive decision making. Then he analyzed his family’s tax strategy, which at the time was practically non-existent, to devise a tax plan that not only maximized deductions but also helped with retirement planning. 

Fast forward to today, with a CPA in-hand and over five years of audit and advisory experience at PwC, Seb leverages his knowledge of working with Fortune 500 companies and his family’s small business to help other small businesses on their accounting and tax matters. In addition to that, Seb feels CFO services shouldn’t be reserved for the large corporations, which is why he started sebCFO to provide small businesses with the financial expertise they need at only a fraction of the cost. 

At sebCFO, we believe in financial prosperity through financial strategy, and that all starts with proper bookkeeping. With clean books, business owners have clarity on their financial position and KPIs, which provides them with the information they need to make sound business decisions. When it comes to taxes, recording expenses into their proper account ensures the business can maximize deductions and write-offs, potentially saving thousands. 

Whether it’s bookkeeping, tax, or CFO services, when you work with us you can rest assured that your business’ finances will be in good hands. At sebCFO, we pride ourselves on being more than just accountants – we are your partner in growth! 

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